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The soundPlayer component plays your sound files (.mp3's) from a playlist which can either be entered into the component properties panel or fed through an external XML file. This component is extremely easy to use and comes with a tutorial which should get you up and running under 5 minutes. The look and feel of the soundPlayer is also entirely customizable (skinnable).


Feed playlists through an array or XML file
Enter the names and paths of your mp3 files directly in the Flash authoring environment or create the playlist externally using an XML file.

Choose for the sound files to start playing automatically or only when pressing the play button.

Left-right balance control
Choose to add a control to pan between left and right speaker channels.

Fully customizable and skinnable
Create your own skins by changing the entire look and feel of the component: size, shape, colors, fonts etc... A full step-by-step skinning guide is supplied with the userguide. Add or remove buttons (such as FF or REW) as well as advanced options, such as toggle count up/count down.

Press the play button to start streaming the music

In this example, two songs are played using streamed download.

Note: The sounds quality of these mp3 files has been greatly reduced to improve download time (for demonstration purposes only). The example above shows a skinned version of the soundPlayer component.

Display list
This option allows you to customize the song titles that are displayed, instead of using the ID3 tag that's part of the MP3.

Left-right balance control
Choose to add a control to pan between left and right speaker channels.

Easy to use
The basic tutorial will get you up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Loop / Repeat
Choose to have the entire playlist loop or have each song repeat a set number of times or simply play the entire playlist once.

Have your playlist play in a random order or the order in which the songs appear in the playlist.

Streaming with load progress bar
Choose to download the entire song before playing or set the number of playing seconds to stream before the songs starts playing. A color customizable loading bar indicates the streaming progress.

Song Title autoscroll
Set the speed at which the song titles scroll or make the title static.

Only 6kb
Adds virtually no size to your Flash movie.

NEW ADDITION - soundPlayerPlaylist
A new component has been added called soundPlayerPlaylist, to display the playlist of songs. This component is included with the soundPlayerPRO or can be purchased separately as an add-on for the soundPlayer component.

Press the play button to start streaming the music

Macromedia Flash MX or Macromedia Flash MX 2004 (standard or professional) for authoring (Windows or Mac).
Movies using this component may be published for either Flash Player 6 or Flash Player 7, ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0.



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